Pioneers into Practice is EIT Climate-KIC’s flagship programme for professional education running in 19 European countries, and designed through an innovative learning framework.


Pioneers into practice identifies & connects people from across systems, equips participants with systems innovation understanding & skills, whilst also providing fresh perspectives and expertise for innovation to happen.


The programme connects professionals with expertise in various fields that can support the net-zero and circular economic transition with industries, small companies, universities, research institutes, municipalities, governance, and not-for-profit organizations which are working towards the implementation and adoption of sustainable solutions. 

Pioneers into practice starts with an e-learning component on the topics of systems innovation and transformation thinking with a focus on climate change, equipping participants with fundamental knowledge about system innovation towards tackling major societal challenges. After adjusting the timeline, we kindly ask you to complete the e-learning before your personal interview. The e-learning is followed by a virtual Introductory Workshop for participants in June, where system innovation tools will be put in practice against real case challenges. You will be introduced to practitioners in the field and work together with them on finding novel solutions towards introducing sustainability in your local context. 

You will be able to continue working on the selected real case challenge with team members throughout your Pioneers experience.

This will be followed by a placement opportunity provided to the participants (pioneers), where they can select among more than 300 hosting organizations where their placements will take place between September - mid-November 2020  with a maximum duration of 6 weeks. 

Following the Placement, a Final Workshop will be held in November to present the group projects and exchange experiences. 

Supporting their journey, the participating pioneers receive up to 1,500 € grant.


You can apply both as a pioneer or a hosting organization via "How To Apply" from February 13 to June 1 (pioneer) or June 16 (host).


You can find more  information on the application-phase there.



The Pioneers into Practice program Bulgaria is coordinated by Cleantech Bulgaria for the third time in 2020. The company is managing EIT Climate-KIC HUB Bulgaria since 2015 and is located in the capital of the country - Sofia.


Cleantech Bulgaria is among the front-runners supporting sustainable economic transition in Bulgaria through innovation, by nurturing the national and local ecosystem and supporting innovative solutions to grow and scale. The company is a recognized partner of leading industry representatives, universities, R&D infrastructures and public institutions, supporting their journey towards green and circular practices. We also provide coaching and acceleration services to startups who want and are ready to provide the solutions needed on the market.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Cleantech Bulgaria team! Contacts are provided below!