Welcome to Pioneers Hungary page!

Pioneers into Practice is Climate-KIC’s flagship programme for professional education running in 19+ European locations, and designed on an innovative learning framework. Pioneers identifies & connects people from across systems, equips participants with systems innovation understanding & skills, whilst also providing fresh perspectives and expertise for innovation to happen. It includes professionals & organisations from industry, small companies, universities, research institutes, municipalities, governance, and not-for-profit.

The Pioneers into Practice programme Hungary will be organized and conducted by the IFKA Public Benefit Nonprofit Limited. 

Due to the circumstances, we extended the application deadlines to 1st June for Pioneers and to 16th June for Hosts.

As COVID-19 and its effects remain top of mind for all of us, we decided to hold the local introductory workshops virtually. Please note that - although we´re eager to arrange national and international face-to-face placements - COVID-19 might not allow us to. In that case, we´ll do our best to substitute face-to-face placements with virtual placements, which will allow Pioneers to work from home.

More details of the programme can be found on this website or contacting your local manager (see at the bottom of the page).

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

More information on the application-phase there, also be sure to find out more about our programme at Stories and Case Studies. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Budapest team!


*: workshop dates are subject to change