Welcome to the Pioneers Slovakia page!

Pioneers Programme is Climate-KIC’s flagship programme for professional development running in 20 European countries and designed on an innovative learning framework. Pioneers identifies & connects people from across systems, equips participants with systems innovation understanding & skills, whilst also providing fresh perspectives and expertise for innovation to happen. It includes professionals & organisations from industry, small companies, universities, research institutes, municipalities, governance, and not-for-profit.

If you’re a climate change professional or organisation who wants to get out of their comfort zone and look at things differently than Pioneers is for you! We offer an innovative blended learning approach of eLearning, workshops, group’s projects, coaching & a practical 4-6 week placement in one of our participating countries.

Now in our tenth year we are excited to run for the first time in Slovakia. Technical University of Kosice (TUK) will be joining up in 2020 to offer Slovakian climate change professionals & organisations the opportunity to take part in the full Climate-KIC Pioneers experience!

Every participant have to step out of her/his comfort zone and during their placement work on different tasks as they are used in their jobs in Slovakia. On the other hand they agreed that their skills and knowledge are necessary and helpful for host organisation during their placements. That is why, potential Pioneers from Slovakia (from more organisations, companies, universities, non-profit institutions)…. could bring new innovations in policy, skills, technologies, business models, production with the impact on finance, land use, materials, cities or water systems. The combination of people from different countries and different working areas brings the best possibility to change at the speed and scale which climate changes need.

The programme starts with an eLearning on the topics of systems innovation and transformation thinking, thus providing the foundation for the project by giving you the tools you need. The three-day Introductory Workshop (08-12 June 2020) deepens these contents through interactive coaching and prepares Pioneers for their Placement in Slovakia or abroad. The Workshop is also the kick-off for a “Group Project” on practical and real-life challenges (virtual group project working from June to November 2020), provided and accompanied by so-called "Challenge Owners" and our Coaches. The “Placement” in Slovakia or abroad will then follow in Autumn 2020. To Match the Pioneers with the right Hosts, participants specify their desired goals and are assigned to one of around 350 projects across Europe accordingly. Following the 4-6 week Placement (from September to November), a “2-day Final Workshop” will be held on 16-17 November 2020* to present the group projects and exchange experiences and online/face to face "International workshop" 10 December 2020.  For the entire duration of the project the Pioneers will be supported with some budget.

Hosts and Pioneers can apply via "How To Apply"  - application are still open.

For more details on who can apply take a look around our website and contact your Local Managers whose contact details can be found in menu: Team.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

Deadline for Pioneers is 1 June 2020 and 16 June 2020 for the Hosts.