Alenka Senica

Who are you?

Alenka Senica is currently studying for her Masters in Geophysics, focussing on Meteorology and the study of the atmosphere which focuses on weather processes and forecasting. Alenka applied to the Pioneers programme with the aim of working on a more practical project to compliment the theoretical emphasis of her studies. Her placement at the Cyprus University of Technology provided her with that opportunity.

What did you do?

Alenka worked on the PROGNOSIS project within the Department of Environmental Science and Technology to develop a data assimilation model for nowcasting solar irradiance and cloud coverage. This involved working on real-time data from solar PV systems to increase understanding of solar irradiance variability. Alenka’s role was to test different approaches to predicting cloud coverage more accurately than meteorological modelling using raw data from PV systems.

Data assimilation models being developed under the PROGNOSIS project will provide solar irradiance predictions to provide more accurate forecasts of cloud coverage. The work will enable the University to develop data assimilation models for nowcasting solar irradiance and cloud coverage (without using meteorological data), and which will also help predict the output energy from PV parks. It is important that the energy sector is provided with all of the information needed without costs to boost renewable energy production. This will help inform the design of future solar technologies and possible energy storage, thereby increasing the profit margins of solar PV systems. It is expected that this will lead to increased installation of PV systems to reduce fossil fuel emissions.

Alenka’s findings from her placement were included in a scientific conference paper.

Without the Pioneers Programme, I wouldn´t have had this great experience. This was a unique opportunity to meet and work with other professionals to share knowledge, develop my own personal skills and broaden my horizons.

What did you learn?

Alenka used tools and approaches from the Pioneers workshop training, including the Future Radar system innovation tool in her work at the University. Alenka considered that she had benefitted from the opportunity to collaborate with other Pioneers with diverse specialisms, and to work with professionals from different fields on the PROGNOSIS project. She felt that this opportunity added value to the work she undertook at her placement.

What happens next?

Following her placement, Alenka assisted a group of Pioneers who participated in the Cyprus ClimateLaunchpad, giving them advice about renewable energy and was invited to the Final as a guest of the Pioneers. She hopes to collaborate with them in the future and wishes to maintain her links with Climate-KIC and its training programmes.

Alenka is interested in renewable energy and is exploring wind and solar energy within her Master‘s studies. She would like to continue the collaboration with the Cyprus University of Technology on the PROGNOSIS project. Alenka would like to explore the possibility of PhD studies at the Cyprus University of Technology in the future as she sees her future career in the renewable energy sector.